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Short Essay Questions (Respond using APA format for each Part with separate Reference Pages)




Read the articles and discuss the problems of Economic Inequality in the U.S.economy, summarize key points in at least 250 words:


        1) Making a Mockery of the American Dream

By Mortimer B. Zuckerman - March 27, 2015

2)      Why More Education Won’t Fix Economic Inequality

March 31, 2015

   3)      Inequality. On important but irrelevant facts

   4)      Competition Policy. Crossing continents

 5) Go to the internet and find an article that discusses the problems of income unequality in the U.S. economy, summarize key points and post in the Discussions area.


PART 2: In at least 250 words write about the effects of the use of information technology:

a) the digital divide
b) online addictions (take the online Addiction Quiz:
c) online media – fact or fiction
d) accessible information technology for persons with disabilities

STEP 1: Choose one of the topics to explore. WRITE DOWN THE LETTER OF TOPIC, FOR EXAMPLE: the letter a) for the digital divide.   Do some additional research on the topic. And cite your sources in APA format. Please do NOT make Wikipedia your primary source. You may use it, but there should be other reputable sources included first.

When you post your response, put the chosen topic BY LETTER in the subject line.

1.  How serious an impact does your chosen problem have on quality of life?


2. What could you do to lessen the impact in your life or the lives of loved ones?


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