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Study the 2014-2016 National Science Foundation's (NSF) Grant Proposal PDF Guide. In what important ways does the NSF's PDF on grant proposals differ from the proposals we are writing for Project 3?  Why are there differences? Who is the NSF and who might be submitting proposals to them (fields, organizations, etc)? How do what we've learned about technical writing and proposals apply to what the NSF wants in a NSF Grant Proposal? How would a writer be persuasive in a NSF Grant Proposal? Be specific and provide examples from Project 3 and the PDF as part of your response. 

PDF of the NSF's Grant Proposal Guide: NSF Grant Proposal Guide 2014-2016.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window


- Project 3 is a proposal about using Electrical Bicycles as an alternative for buses in university 


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