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Hi Everybody,

I hope this finds you well, and that you've had a restful and accomplished weekend!  As we make our way into the final weeks of the semester, and with 3 of the 4 exams now officially "in the books", I thought I'd send out another batch of videos usable for extra credit.  Remember, these are all just for extra credit, and you may do no more than 3 total.  Each one will be worth 1% point of extra credit added to your final course average at the end of the semester.  Thus, for example, if your final course average is an 87%, but you turned in 3 extra credit assignments, and can raise your final grade to a 90%.  Therefore, if you choose, watch any of the movies/documentaries listed below, and for each one, write a 2-page, double-spaced, essay that essentially answers the question: "How does this help me to understand the religious tradition under discussion?"  I will accept extra credit assignments up until the day of the Final Exam -- you may hand them in to me in person as a hard copy, or feel free to email them directly to me as well.

Sincerely, Dr. Snow


choose any 2 of the videos and write a 2 page essay for each one. 



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