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KP Assignment - Opioid - DUE 11/28/16 KP Assignment - Opioid - DUE 11/28/16 Please read the provided article The New face of Heroin Addiction: 1. What individual factors are influencing Blake’s problem(s)? 2. What societal factors are influencing Blake’s problem(s)? 3. How does Blake’s case show the connection between individuals and society? Include causes and consequences of her problems in your analysis. 4. Evaluate Blake’s social status and how her treatment by various systems (education, health care, criminal justice, government) may be influenced by her status. 5. Based on what you know, if she was one of your friends, how would you proceed in your efforts to help Blake? Length: 2-3 pages Font Size: 12 Font: Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial Line Spacing: Double No Title Page 1. Be sure to replace your name anywhere on your paper with your student ID. Below your student ID, please indicate whether you are a freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior. 2. Save the file name as studentID_coursenumber_term_assignmentname.doc. For example: 56789_CJ101BKP_FA2016_Opioid.doc 3. The file must be saved as a .doc. Unacceptable file extensions include: .docx, .pages, .wps, .odt etc. You can save all word processing files as .doc by choosing Save As: Word 97--‐2003 Document. 4. Log into Moodle ( – Firefox browser is the best to support Moodle. 5. Select your course 6. Find the Assessment Assignment and select the assignment’s name. 7. Click the Add submission button and then click the Add… button. Choose Upload a file from your computer tab in the left. Browse and open your file. Then click Upload this File 8. Click the Save Changes button to submit the assignment. PROOFREAD YOUR PAPER BEFORE TURNING IT IN You will use 4 sources for this paper, I have provided you with one. Please include two (3) additional outside sources to support your argument using APA formatting for the citations. Information on properly using APA formatting.


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