Project #156723 - Social problem essay!

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/28/2016 11:59 pm

This is not a major english class, this class is the requirement before get into Eng 1A.

To inform your reader about a relevant, timely social problem and use research to reinforce your points.

4 pages, Double-spaced, must include a works cited page(don't research on the books, research on the wekipidia or something online web site.) and can you attached the site that i can see?

A. what is the probelm? Background, relevant history, who is effected and why.
B. provide as musch information as you can to illustrate the problem. what are the details, date and information to support that this is a pressing social problem?
C. How is the issue being addressed, if at all? Name specific laws and movements that are trying to change status quo.
D. Propose at least one solution you believe would help to eradicate / eliminate the social problem.

-Not too political
-Not coppied

1paragraph: Introdutcion(thesis, hook, bridge)
2paragraph: little bit of summary about the smoking problem.
3paragraph: #1
4paragraph: #2 
5paragraph: #3 
6paragraph: Conclusion

Not too much, jush 6paragraph!


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