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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/30/2016 12:00 am

Fashion by definition, is ephemeral and elusive it is dynamic. A clothing style becomes fashionable when enough people accept it at a given time. How would you defend fashion as an academic, viable and important subject to study and pursue? I want you to explain and support the global economic impact of this industry:

  • Provide sufficient evidence in your defenses as fashion as viable and important subject to pursue.Skillfully integrate your opinion and demonstrate the ability to critically reflect on the material -25 points

  • Substantial resources and research to defend the explanation of the economic impact of the fashion industry .Provide suffient resources and identify and describe examples– 30 points

  • There are no spelling and /or grammar errors- 10 points
  • At least 3 indicators from Map dashboard - 5 points
  • Citations - 5 points
  • Write your main argument and the main reasons or evidence you will use to support it. You will likely find gaps in your knowledge or evidence. Where could your argument be bolstered by additional data, such as statistics, examples, or expert testimony? Where and how will you do the research to fill these gaps?
  •  Who is the audience you need to persuade? Will they be skeptical of your argument or open to new ideas? What evidence might you need to persuade them?
  • Imagine the counterarguments that your audience might make. How can you respond to these counterarguments? Take them one by one and brainstorm a response.
  • Explore why this topic/issue/argument is important. What are its broader implications or consequences? Why does it matter?


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