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Literary Research Paper


Assignment Description

Throughout the second half of the class, we will work towardthe composition of a single major research paperWe will move through a guided research process made up of a series of graded assignments related to the conception, research, organization, and composition of what will become an interpretively significant and well-informed literary analysis.  While the topicand texts that you select are at your discretion and you are encouraged to explore issues you find interesting, you should strive to write on aspects of the text that would not be immediately apparent to casual readers and about subjects with relatively broad interpretive consequences. Ultimately, your thesis should aim not only to make a compelling argument about the text(s) but also to show readers why your argument matters. 


In fashioning your analysis, you should take care not to neglect the close reading techniques you’ve cultivated on earlier assignments. Though you are now being asked to write a research paper, your primary focus should remain on the literature. The research is important only insofar as it: 1) allows you to enter into an ongoing critical debate about a text from an informed perspective, and 2) helps to substantiate or flesh out your broader claims about the text/s in question. While you should consult a wide variety of materials, you are required to draw from (and cite) at least four outside sources in your final essay. Two of these must be recent works of peer-reviewed literary criticism that you will use to establish your credibility as a commentator.  The nature of the remaining sources is at your discretion as long as you take care that each one serves a concrete purpose in helping you to advance your argument. Sources may include works of literary criticism, works of philosophy and critical theory, primary historical documents, historical analyses, works of social and natural science, scholarly biographies, etc. Finally, please be aware that different projects will require variable approaches to and amounts of research. Depending on the scope of your topic, you may need to exceed the minimum research threshold of four sources.   



1. first assignment: Formal Research Proposal (5%)

Write 350+ words on your projected paper topic. Ideally, you should begin with a broad research question (e.g. Whatcan Chimamanda Adichie’s stories tell us about the challenges or rewards of cross-cultural romance? What does Ragtime have to say about urbanization in the early twentieth century?), and work on narrowing your topic as you conduct your research. Your proposal should identify your basic subject as well as the text(s) with which you will be working. Questions to consider at this stage include:

• What is your primary research question?
• Why are you drawn to this topic?
• What will you need to learn in order to make a well-informed argument on the topic?
• What types of sources do you imagine will prove useful as you set about constructing your argument?
• What potential difficulties do you anticipate? 
• What do you imagine your thesis might be?


2. Second assignment: Annotated Bibliography . (5%)

Produce an evaluative annotated bibliography that collects, summarizes, and explains four (4) relevant secondary sources related to your topic.  Each annotation will: 1)begin with a properly formatted works cited entry, 2)summarize a source, 3explain its rhetorical context (e.g., the purpose of the article, the conversation or debate it references, its organization, the evidence it marshals in support of its argument), 4) describe what the source adds to your analysis, and 5) discuss how it fits in with your other sources.  


Annotated bibliographies will be evaluated on how relevant the sources are to each other and to the narrowed topic at hand. Each entry will be considered in terms of both the quality of the source (i.e., is it credible and authoritative? Does it relate in a useful way to the paper topic?) as well as the quality of the annotation (i.e., is the summary accurate? Does the author make clear how this source relates to the larger project). Each entry should be comprised of 300+ words.


3. Third assignment: In-Progress Draft 4 page paper due as hardcopy during conference (5%)



 So in total their is 3 assignment need to be due.




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