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Discussion Forum Activity - Phase 2 Discussion Group 4

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Trends in many technologies are speeding up. In particular changes that can make expensive, resource-restricted process better, easier and cheaper to do are being addressed by analytic methods everywhere. It has been suggested that many of our decisions will be driven by machine implemented ‘algorithms’, the direct result of analytical methods. Decisions will become closed loop, automatic and direct. This will likely again further influence the status, and need for, the knowledge worker.

For this discussion, each group has been assigned a different example of an imminent trend in the area of analytics. As a group, you should research and discuss the trend, identifying the possible implications for various contexts present in your group. At this week’s class session, be prepared to discuss with the class:

  • What your trend is and what it means
  • Implications across various organizational contexts
  • Change strategies for organizing analytical resources to address the trend

Your trend assignments are: 

Group 4:New architectures that embody looking at our world in new ways. Best example is the IoT or internet of things. This rearranges the physical world in a fundamental way as opposed to rearranging the data we gather.

In this discussion, I will be looking for evidence that you are able to think about the implications of change, including the changes based on new technologies emerging for their current use and changes that will completely alter the expectations of decision makers and companies. 


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