Project #156807 - Private Security role in dealing with VBBC

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/07/2016 12:00 am

Group Project: presented with a problem involving multiple Criminal Justice agencies, each student assumes an agency role (private security) and a project role to identify a collaborative, optimal solution. Individually, each student will present an agency description, the agency’s perspective and role, and research the available resources. Students will then form groups, and each group will present a collaborative, optimal solution. In the last week of class, each group will present the consequences for not finding or not fully implementing the solution. Throughout this project each student is to assume the character (role play) of the leader of their assigned component agency when dealing with their counterparts from other agencies within their jurisdiction.


Group Collaboration and Presentation Each Group will submit a collective paper which will address:

  • A summary of the problem assigned to the group (private security)
  • A brief description of each criminal justice agency’s (Private security) traditional role in dealing with this issue
  • A description of how the private security came together to identify a solution to the issue while maintaining their role as representative and advocate for their respective agency
  • A description of the solution to the assigned problem and the agency’s role in it.


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