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4Paper #3—Communication Theory Paper: Using applicable concepts that you learned from communication theory (not pertaining to rhetoric) in your undergraduate classes, describe in two pages the way the theoretical concepts assisted you in the performance of your internship responsibilities. Such concepts may include, but are not limited to, Cognitive Dissonance Theory, Groupthink, Media Richness Theory, Network Theory and Analysis in Organizations, System Theory, Uses and Gratification Theory, Psycho-Linguistic Theory, Language Expectancy Theory, Elaboration Likelihood Model, Dependency Theory, Cultivation Theory, etcThese papers work best when students spend a paragraph or two explaining the theory (using a citation or two), and then apply that theory to their internship experiencesPlease cite at least one scholarly source in this paper.

About my Internship: ETTV America is a famous Chinese-language news/business broadcasting channel in the Americas that is operated by ETTV, a Taiwanese subsidiary of parent company Eastern Television. It also broadcasts in English at specific times by Mike Chinoy. ETTV America is offered through the Dish Network, AT&T U-verse, and most major cable TV providers. Basically, the nature and purpose of this internship is to learning how to be a reporter. To learning how a News department cooperate and how the news come up on the television. I have to learn how to give a professional interview with those interviewers. Also, I also learn some photography skills. I have to learn how to cut those photographic frames that I need to be used in the news. At the very beginning, I have to follow my senior to go out to learn how a interview goes. Also, I need to learn different formats of different news. I have to learn how to write news in a very formal and professional way. At the end, I will be able to distinguish different kinds of news. I will also be able to give a professional interview and finish a complete and professional news by myself.


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