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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/28/2016 11:00 pm

Write a one page double spaced paper on the movie Sherrybaby-Sherrybaby is a realist film. How do the actors impart a sense of realism to their performances?

1. Type the question you are responding to at the top of the page 2. Double Space your word document 3. Put the film title in italics and capitalized the first letter of each word. 4. Write in the 3rd person objective and avoid using pronouns as subjects, "You can see" or "Our protagonist"? 5. Does your Response paper have an introduction (with a thesis sentence), a body and a conclusion? 6. Is your paper at least one page long? 7. *Have you used MLA format for in-text citations? *if applicable 8. Did you use film grammar and terminology properly? 9. Have you proofread your paper? 10. Did you write about the action (plot) of the film in the present tense? 


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