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Essay Three: Analysis of "Bread"

This assignment is intended to measure your critical reading and writing skills as it relates to literature.  You will need to be able to read, summarize, and interpret the short story "Bread" by Margaret Atwood and be able to articulate an essay based on the following aspects: 

Essay Topic:

What is the reader of this story asked to imagine in each section?  How does the meaning of “bread” change throughout the story (what forms of the human experience does it represent)?  What does bread come to mean to the reader by the end of the story? 

Essentially, you will write an essay in which you define “bread” as it is portrayed in this story.  You will want to perform the following:

  • Formulate a thesis in you introduction, making a claim of what “bread” symbolizes in Atwood’s essay.
  • Summarize each passage in you own words.
  • Use quotes that vividly represent each passage. Make sure to use MLA format.
  • Critically explain and analyze the significance of each scene.

In addition to summarizing each passage, support your position by using evidence from the story in the form of quotations or paraphrases, as well as your own interpretations and knowledge, to support your thesis.  Your essay will be evaluated for both its content and its development (that is, the interpretation and the thesis, paragraphing, use of evidence and other elements of essay writing).  Use MLA format for al citations, and quotes.

Your essay should include the following parts:

Introduction: this is where you briefly tell your readers what your interpretation of the story is about. Provide a statement of central focus that tells your readers why you are going to discuss this aspect of the essay. This should contain your thesis. 

Body: this is where you provide specific detail to illustrate the importance of your thesis. You’ll want to make sure to incorporate evidence and passages from the story to support your thesis and main points.  Make sure that each of your main ideas in this essay is supported by examples or descriptive detail. Be sure to use quotation marks when quoting words from the story, and to cite the author's last name in parentheses – following MLA format.  Use a handful of the best quotes interspersed throughout to illustrate the author’s point.

Conclusion: this is where you round up your essay and make connections to the larger world and “the human experience”.

Length: No less than 1500 words.


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