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Understanding Hate Groups with Sociological Theory


30 points


Hate groups maintain a presence in the United States and continue to grow. It is important to be aware of these groups, and their goals, activities and ideologies.


According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an anti-hate organization, Ohio has 34 active hate groups. Go to the following website, and click on Ohio.


Choose a group from the list to research. Answer the questions below to the best of your ability. The Southern Poverty Law Center website is a useful resource with a lot of good information, and you may find the Anti-Defamation League a useful website, too.  Most of these groups have their own websites—the Internet has proven to be a powerful recruiting tool for them. Keep in mind that if you do decide to look at a particular group’s own website, they may not be direct in addressing question number 6. (Also note that visitors to these sites may be monitored or contain viruses.  If you decide to go to the source for your information, you enter at your own risk.)


Formatting & Citation


Use 11 or 12 point font with 1.5-2 spacing.  You are welcome to save paper and print double-sided.


Number the answers on the sheet you submit to correspond with your answers.


Be very careful not to plagiarize. If you pull information directly from a website, you need to cite your source and use quotation marks where applicable.  Aside from questions 1 and 2, you must provide sources for each section of the assignment.  When you cite a webpage, you must provide the link to the specific page, not just the main website. For instance:  rather than just


Use any citation format you like, but be consistent.  I strongly advise that you use a site like or something similar to help you with formatting. 


The completed assignment needs to be as long as it takes to sufficiently answer the questions. 


If all components are answered well, but there are typos and grammatical errors, your overall grade will be reduced.




  1. What is the name of the group? [1 pt]

  2. Where is the group located in Ohio? Is this a single branch of a larger organization? Explain. [2 pts]

  3. Does the group have a website? If so, what is it? [1 pts]

  4. What is the group’s history? (That is, where/when/why did they form?) [2 pt]

  5. What is the group’s purpose and/or goals? [3 pt]

  6. Who does the group target?  That is, who do they hate? Remember, if you are looking at the Group’s own website, they may claim not to hate anyone. However, they are on the SPL Center’s website for a reason; they have been identified as a hate group. You must try to identify a group that they are either prejudicial against, or who have been targeted.  Do a search for news reports on the group. These stories might help to identify the group. [4 pts]

  7. In what ways does (or doesn’t) this group use the two pillars of nativism (fear and righteousness—see slides on Nativism & Immigration)? [9 pts]

  8. Search for news articles about recent actions involving hate groups.  Find at least three news articles.  In what ways is the rhetoric, actions or beliefs of this group similar (and/or different) to the group on which you have focused in this assignment? [8 pts]

  9.  What is the most striking/surprising thing you learned about this group or hate groups in general while researching? Be sure to explain why it was striking/surprising.  [4 pts]

  10. For this question, focus on either the hate group you researched, hate groups as a whole, or components of the ideology supported by your particular hate group.  What do you think the future of this group, these groups, or the ideology is in the United? Why? Please use material from the text and/or specific observations of recent events to help substantiate your response.[6 pts]



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