Project #156939 - Apple Company’s Success From Their Corporate Governance (Corporate Governance)

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The corporate governance introduces us how a company would be legally successful, and also tells us how to conduct correct decisions under different circumstances. According to recent hot issue that the new iPhone 7 was released, it reminds me to think about the Apple company, specifically about how they be so strong in global market and what makes them become the best sellers in the world. In this paper, combine information from other materials and knowledge learned to illustrate every main points relate to corporate governance that help the Apple company become successful. For examples, explain who their shareholders are, what their board members duties are, and how they keep their board members staying valuable and refreshed. Also, maybe talk about more sub-topics like their risk governance and control, their social and financial performance, their governance strategy and sustainability, and the most important which is their corporate’s structure and how they reinforce their structure step by step.


Please use as many references about corporate governance as you can and make citations, especially these books Mean Business by Dunlap, Corporate Governance by Monks and Minow, and Chainsaw by Byrne. And make a references page at the end of the paper.

Sub topics are like: Mean Business, Stakeholders and Stockholders, Duty of Care, Executive Over Compensation, Caremark, Audit Committee Reform and Financial Misconduct, Corporate Democracy and the Shareholder Resolution. Shareholder Access to the Company Proxy/Majority Voting, Dual Class Stock, Bridging Board Gaps, and The Poison Pill, etc.

The paper should consist of approximately 15 pages of text. Footnotes or endnotes are acceptable.


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