Project #156967 - Gravity anomaly report

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/01/2016 03:08 pm

I need a report about gravity anomaly, I will upload a word document stating what the report should comprise and the links for everything that you must use.I will upload a source that needs to be used as a reference. I am uploading all the necessary graphs but you are allowed to use what ever extra graphs you need do deliver the points as long as you reference them or you make them by excel. I am uploading a word file for a report example covering the same area, from Durham to Sedgifield in UK. all the corrections are made in the report and you can copy them since my row data is the same, but you need to rephrase the purpose of the correction for each correction to avoid plagiarism, For the methodology section, just rephrase and summarise what is written in the methodology section in the example report. you will understand what I mean once you see the example that I am uploading. I will upload the row data as well. you need to state a hypotheses or two by the beginning and in your conclusion decide if they were right based on your observation and data and previous reading. I would prefer you follow the structure of the example report since it is so easy to understand, or choose whatever structure you prefer if you see it better. ask any questions and I will respond as soon as possible. I have uploaded a word document that contains all the links for the things you will need.


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