Project #156987 - Performance Appraisal

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/29/2016 11:00 am

From the first e-Activity, explore the major issues inherent within the performance appraisal process that may lead to any type of discrimination within an organization based on two (2) of the following: gender, disability, or denial of employment opportunity. Support your response with two (2) relevant recent cases, and explain the outcome of the case.

From the second e-Activity, examine workplace privacy as it relates to emails and Internet communication. Suggest two (2) recommendations that an organization should make to its employees geared toward protecting the privacy of the organization when employees use emails and communicate via the Internet. Justify your response.



    • E-Activity

    • Use the Internet or the Strayer Library to research performance appraisal fairness and denial of employment opportunities based on gender and disability. Be prepared to discuss.

    • Use the Internet or the Strayer Library to research privacy protection for email and Internet communication. Be prepared to discuss.



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