Project #157039 - Progress in Aeronautics during WW II (PAPER)

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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/06/2016 12:00 am

1. 1500 words or more.


2. Minimum of three equations with explanations.


3. Scholarly paper reference format. All sources must be referenced including Web Sites.


Wikipedia is not very trustworthy!


4. All “borrowings” must be referenced with source and page number. “Fair use,” no





5. Organization, grammar, style all count.




Below is the outline for the paper


Progress in Aeronautics during WW II


            Aviation plays a very important role during the World War II, and the technologies was pushed to develop incredibly fast. This paper will be focusing on discussing the following topics:

(1). Characteristics of WW II, why aviation was important. (brife introduction)

(2). New types of aircrafts that was developed during WW II and the typical models. (Streamlined cantilever monoplane, rotorcraft, materials and new powerful engines)

(3). Technologies behind these innovational aircrafts. (Stressed-skin construction, cantilever monoplane wing compared with biplane wing)


(4). Contribution of technologies from WW II to the modern aeronautics development. 


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