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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/01/2016 12:00 am

"Technology Paper – You will be expected to write a short paper on a recent industry development in logistics technology, a technology trend, or an example of a company using logistics technology.  The topic can be based on your actual experience, if it is related to technology in a logistics setting.  To obtain full credit the paper must:


·       Include at least two documented sources if not based on direct personal experience.  If based on personal experience, cite yourself as a reference.  Place a reference page at the end of your paper, and use APA, Chicago or some other citation style.

·       Be single-spaced, one-inch margins, at least two (2) and no more than four (4) pages, and use at least 11pt font. 

·       Feel free to include pictures and diagrams as an appendix, which does not count toward page length.

·       The paper should include content that reflects your own evaluation & opinion of the technology.  Is it the next big thing?  Will it go nowhere?  What are the benefits & drawbacks?  Your instructor reads plenty of articles every week…. I know MY opinion…. I want YOURS!"

Simple, straightforward logistics assignment. You will write this paper about driverless vehicles OR done technology. You may pick one of them. I will not pay for anything that is incoherent or doesn't meet any of the requirements above.


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