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Introduction to Psychology

Writing Assignment





Select one of the following projects and prepare a three to five page (double-spaced) written report on your findings.


1.  Select a child between the ages of three and seven years whom you can observe and with whom you can have friendly conversations and games.  Using some of Piaget’s methods and criteria, determine which stage of development the child exhibits.  Describe the child, your method, and the reason(s) for your conclusions.


2.  Recent studies have focused on the Life Review as an important tool in helping aging persons to come to peace in their later years.  As a matter of fact, many elderly people review their lives spontaneously.  Select an elderly person, more than 70 years old, and ask this person to share with you significant events from his or her life.  Report on what you have learned about the person chosen and include an evaluation of the experience of sharing this review with the person.


3.  There is an enormous impetus in today’s world for people to be thin.  Many authorities believe that this emphasis on weight distorts the real picture as to health and nutrition.  Write a letter to your 13-year-old daughter (niece, friend, etc.) in which you explain to her the following points:


a.     the biological and psychological sources of hunger

b.     rules for nutritious eating and dieting

c.     role of exercise in health

d.     motivation and hunger


4.  Prepare a biographical essay on one of the following psychologists:


  • B. F. Skinner
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Abraham Maslow
  • Carl Rogers
  • Carl Jung
  • Erik Erikson


For whichever selected, give a brief history of his life (birthplace, education, etc.), a summary of his major contributions, and an evaluation of his role in the history of psychology.




  • All projects will be written in APA format.
  • For all of the projects, you will need a References page with at least four sources in addition to your textbook (meaning that you need a total of 5 sources for this assignment).
  • I would greatly prefer if you did not choose Project 3.  However, I am not the unmovable Rock of Gibraltar; if you can justify to me that Project 3 is the best choice for you, then I am more than happy to give you my blessing.


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