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compare and contrass about design community asid new england chapter magazine or metropolis magazine of interior design


 Publication review

 For this paper, I choose two different design publication magazines.  First, is metropolis architecture and design at all scales. This magazine was published in New York and the magazine starts publish since 1981-2016. The second magazine is Design Community ASID New England chapter magazine, the magazine was provided the information’s for all of the American Society of Interior Designer for over the 40 years history. However, both of the magazines were publish to give the new updates about the interior design updated about what’s happening in this world.

   Metropolis have Susan S Szenasy as publisher and editor in chief. In the Metropolis magazine she always gave a beginning note for the reader who read the magazine. The note that she gave is always a story that related about what happened in real world. As example, the magazine that I read is publish in October 2016 talked about the memory that happen in 9/11. She as a publisher remembered about the story of the place in New York, and for that memory she trying to connect the reader about the young man who name Michael Arad that designed the place. The publisher wants to let know to the reader how is important that memory, culture and intelligence can change something into beautiful design. The other magazine, Design Community ASID New England Chapter Magazine have Eric Haydel, Allied ASID as a president magazine that always give the reader updates what is new in the Interior Design news. As a example, I read the magazine for fall 2015; and it talked about as the American Society Of Interior Designer, they want to celebrate of 40 years of the ASID history. Not only talked about what happening in the Interior Designer history, but the publisher always talked about who is contributed to the magazine. However, both of the magazines always give a positive improvement to all the Interior Designer who read into their magazine.

To me, both of the magazines have their own advantages that attract to the reader. Metropolises have their own advantages because they attract the reader with a good color for the logo in every magazine. When I look into the title of the magazine, they always give a good feel for the reader because, the color that they choose always pop up and make more attractive. As example; Metropolis for June 2016, the team publisher choose the beautiful green color as a primary color for the cover of magazine. Furthermore, Design Community magazine always give me a good feel when I saw into the magazine because the team of the publisher give me a good look for every space that the choose for the cover of the magazine. For example; for fall 2015 the choose a beautiful space design in the kitchen that I think will attract the attention for every reader who into the magazine.

    As a consumer, I would like to subscribe both of the magazines, because they will give me a good benefits information’s about what is the trend in the Interior Designer industry. Not only the trend’s, because of the information’s will give me more knowledge how to transform the before space become something that have valuable because of the materials that we choose it. I will also can get benefits an update’s of the events that metropolis and Design Community give to the reader, so for the next time event for the Interior Design have it, maybe I can join and have the opportunity to share information’s as a designer.

     When the first time saw the cover of both magazines, I really like how the metropolis designs the cover. I like how the paper it print it, and how they design the cover and choose their theme font. For my opinion, the theme font and the color will attract the reader and make the reader want to go inside and read what is the inside of magazine. However, inside the Metropolis magazine you will see a lot of advertising that sold lighting, carpet, textiles; furniture’s and by looking for their company will gain our connection and more information’s in Interior design industry. For examples; I read something interest in Metropolis; when they discusses about green design, materials curtain wall that can be adapted for a wide range of architectural uses. Furthermore, when I look into Design Community magazine the reader controlled and owned by the New England Chapter of ASID, it means that everything inside the magazine was prohibited. However, I think the both of magazine will have a good reputation of the reader because both of them under the good supervision.

    In Design Community the advertiser came from the furniture’s company such as; Mitchell Gold +Bob Williams, Leicht Boston, California Closet and painting company such as Benjamin Moore and Jerry Enos. Furthermore, metropolis have a lot of different advertiser there such as; window company, lighting company and lighting such as; marset and vibia. However, I think metropolis have more advertiser than Design Community, it will more attract the reader because they want to keep update about what’s going on in the industry.

    When I read the both magazine, I think all I want to do is I want to read continuously in the future and it will give different perspective about my knowledge in Interior Design industry. Is not meant to be envious, but I think to read the both magazine will give me a positive feedback in the future because I can talked to the other community about what’s going on in our environment. However, in the future I will subscribe these both magazines because will helped me with my connections if I working to my job.


    Metropolis and Design Community were a good design for me, because I  think they provide a lot of information’s that can help all of the interior design reach their goals. Now only in the magazine, I tried to look at from the website, metropolis is a really good design. They have every detail information’s that we need to look it up. For examples; metropolis have the new updates what is current issues and past issues that happens in our Interior Design industry. Furthermore, Design Community , can also have a good design because when you website, they will provide you the detail information but in digital. However, I like both of the design , both of them gave me a lot benefits about whatever that I need in my Interior Design major.


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