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Can you respond to the peer's discussion?

The reading is about the Ch3 (Shaman), Ch4 (At the Western Palace), and Ch5 (A song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe" of "the Woman Warrior" by Maxine Hong Kingston.

If you can use a quote directly from the book with the page number, it is preferrable. Thank you.


From what I see of the characters of the children, they seem to be pushing back from the culture and tradition of the old country while struggling to fit in. Although they do not consider themselves Chinese, they know they are not fully American either. Just as much as Moon Orchid views them as 'savages', they must view her and Brave Orchid's customs are strange and alien. "Their accents were not American exactly, but peasant like their mother's,"(133). Although they resist their heritage, it is unavoidable. 

   I identify with their rebellious nature, and desire to be distanced from their culture in favor of fitting in. My grandparents fled Germany during WWII. My mother and uncles were born here, yet still learned to speak in German. I was the first Americanized generation, and I have no desire to be connected to the culture my family fled from. Just as the children would lament,"Chinese people are very weird,"(158), I would find my mother's habits and belief system to be strange and alien from the culture she raised me in. 


   I think, therefore, that the children are portrayed accurately. "In some families, the children worked out a sign language, but here the children spoke English, which their parents didn't seem to hear,"(123). These are the sort of phenomena that occur with second and third generation immigrant children. The parents will reject the new culture, just as the children reject the old culture so they have a chance to fit in.


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