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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/30/2016 12:30 am

the essay is a 3 page essay about a job in this case the job is (

Sales and marketing specialist)


What to include?

·       Header/cover page with your name, class and section, date, and occupation you will be writing about

·       In a minimum of 3 pages, you will need to cover the following information…

o   Answers to each of the questions listed below. Failing to do so will result in a significantly lower grade.

§  Questions to address in your paper!

·       What is the career you chose?

·       What education would an individual need to qualify for the position? Include information on degree(s) needed, (this may be an Associates degree, Bachelors, Masters, PhD, law degree, MD (medical doctor), etc.), and sample ourses to take… in other words What types of courses should an individual take to qualify for this career?

·       What special certifications they would need for the position? Licenses? Exams? Certifications?

·       Pay range

o   There are many websites you can use to find this information.

·       Basic descriptions of what the job would entail.. Purpose, duties, etc.

·       Where might a person need to go to work in this job? So Is your career mainly focused in larger cities or can jobs be found anywhere?

·       Does Morgantown and/or WV have these jobs? Provide at least 1 name of a person in this profession working in WV. Are there any job openings in Morgantown (WV)? If so, what/where are they? If not, is there need in WV and why?

o   To answer these questions, cite information from various sources in APA format.


·       Discuss the information you gathered from the interview IF your interviewee responded to your email.  You will need to locate, contact, and briefly interview (via email) someone working in this field.

·  Include their name, title, the name of their company, and location of where they work.

·  You will need to ask them the following questions

a.       What is your favorite aspect of your job?

b.      What does a typical day look like at your job?

c.       What is your most challenging aspect of your job?

d.      What tasks or aspects of your career do you like the least?

·       Include a brief (1/2 page) discussion about your impressions of this career. What are the positives/benefits of being employed in this profession? What are the negatives/risks? What are your impressions of this profession – would you like to work in this career? Why or why not?

·       Finally, in a brief discussion (1/2 page), explain how this career can impact families.





·       12 pt. font, double spaces, Times New Roman

·       No more than 1 direct quote aloud! Make sure and cite correctly!

·       APA format citations and reference page

·       In-text citations

·  Make sure you cite sources that are in your reference page and vice versa

·  Use appropriate format

·       Reference page

·  Follow APA style from throughout the semester.

·  Separate page

·  Alphabetical order

·  Hanging indent

·  Double-space


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