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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/03/2016 12:00 am

Your writing assignment for the semester is to weave all that you read (the assigned book and the fifteen articles you chose, and any titles that came to your attention in the course discussion boards) into an historiographic essay. 

It's probably easier to describe what I am not looking for, i.e., an essay comprising your recounting of what you read organized as a string of pearls. I read this, and this, and then that. 

I am also NOT looking for a research paper. If you are writing your essay and you think it looks like a research paper, then you're doing it wrong. 

What I want you to do is to weave what you read, and learned, into a coherent essay that uses the material (readings) you chose to cover the course. 

Feel free to use this requirement to guide your choice of books and articles to read. But DO NOT fall into the trap of writing a research paper.  Do not get too focused, for example, on only military issues, or women, or slavery, etc. 

I want you to demonstrate in the essay your understanding of what you learned during the semester. I want to see you pull all of the information together in a thematic essay.

The essay should be about 2,000 words long, about eight (8) double-spaced pages using a NORMAL font and margins. 


Topics to incoporate:

I To 1763
II Road to Revolution (1763-1775)
III The War in the North (1775-1778) 
IV The War in the South (1778-1783) 
V The States Form Their Governments (1776-1784) 
VI The Articles of Confederation (1777-1788) 
VII The Constitution and Ratification (1787-1790) 
VIII The Washington Administration (1789-1797) 
IX The Adams Administration (1797-1801) 
X The Election of 1800 
XI The Jefferson Administration (1801-1809) 
XII The Madison Administration (1809-1815) 


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*** I already have 6 citations, from three papers I have done this semester. I will send them, to be incorporated in this essay.


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