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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/02/2016 11:54 pm

International Business AGB302 Fall 2016 Paper and Presentation Due Monday 6 pm in AGBC115

Purpose:  Focus and write an  Business Finance Related Issue related to a currency, company or a commodity. Additionally, all students must prepare a ten slide Power Point. It  is also required to be presented in class to make your logical arguments.  The BOARD will be there to focus you. In real life your job may be on the line.  Think carefully how to present your ideas verbally as well as in written form.
Length: 30 pages including tables and Graphs of  topics, Business Plans,  and Presentation to Board.

Presentation Requirement: 10 Power Point Slides that summarize your findings in International Business


Team Approach: Total 30 pages.   

Due Date: Dec Monday 12/5 - No late Papers Accepted or at other locations.  

Possible Topics:


  1.  Arizona Mexico Border Financial Issues which affect Arizona or International Business
  2. The Emerging International Financial Markets in the Sonoran Plain including Arizona.
  3. A Financial Business Plan for a New or Improved Business(Ready to Submit to a Venture Capitalist
  4. Financial Impacts of Food Safety Issues on the U.S. Mexico Border
  5. The financial challenges of the TPP(Transpacific Partnership) and Arizona Business*
  6. The Financial Impacts of Mexico U.S. Trade in Perishable Products including Fruits, Vegetables and Meats
  7. Business and Market Trade Instruments and Financing Options with NAFTA and FTAA countries including Mexico.*
  8. The Cash Flow Cycle and a business
  9. Financial Bankruptcy and its impact on Arizona Business
  10. International Water Management Finance in Arizona and the Sonoran Plain
  11. International Financial Breakeven for Business and development of Sustainable Bio fuels for Arizona. Do Wind, Solar and Biofuels make business sense for Arizona? **
  12. What international business means for the Arizona and the U.S.  International Business for one country—India, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Mexico, and Malaysia. Look at both Imports and Exports**
  13. Sustainable International Business Investments in the NYSE Stock Market.
  14. International Financial and Business Services from Arizona for the Global Marketplace**
  15. The cost of New Technologies of Transporting Fruits and Vegetables in International Business—“Cold Supply Chains”**.
  16. International Finance and Business in Water Management between Mexico’s Six Border  States and Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Texas**
  17.  Financial Changes in Global Air Cargo  with the Pacific Rim within Arizona and America’s Southwest
  18. The Financial Impact of America’s Foreign Trade Zones in Arizona**
  19. Offset Trade with Arizona Companies and Others
  20. Expansion of finance and trade for one of the following Countries—India, Philippines, Iraq,  Indonesia, India,  China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mexico, Ukraine, or Korea
  21.  European Business and Real Estate Financial Investments in Arizona
  22. Expansion of Finance, Trade and Service Opportunities with one of the following regions, FTAA, Merosur,  CARICOM, ASEAN,  
  23.  Brazil and FTAA Food Safety and Security Business Opportunities and Risks with Arizona
  24. Financing the Future of Biofuels in the Sonoran Plain-
  25. Hispanic Market for a Commodity or Product-
  26. BREXIT and Its Impact on the US and Arizona
  27. ** Ten Extra Points for these topics and try to publish them at IAM, EMI and PRRC


Note!!!! Grading Criteria for Paper or Business Report Name:_____________________________Presentation(As Submitted) 30 pages report: ________________25% 

Written Report_______ 

Technical Issues______________________35%- 

Expect 30 Pages of Text and Graphs Pages 1.5 lines at 12 pt. Effectiveness and Timeliness:_____________________25% Spelling Grammar and Professional Standard _____________________15%

Due December 5th  


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