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Here are the results of the CQ,Out of a possible 28 in each of the four categories, my two highest scores came from the CQ a success plan to reach my goals (19) and the CQ Motivation (17) meaning I can perform Acceptable when need be in other cultural. My two lowest scores came from the CQ knowledge and the CQ behavior this may sound cruel but as interesting as other cultural are to me its most of the time forced due to my job/line of work. . Please fill out the following questionnaire: The Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS). address the following answer ,these question in a 2-3 critcal thought page paper

  1. What was your score on each of the four factors?
  2. What does this tell you about your capacity for task performance and adjustment (strengths and weaknesses)?
  3. How does this assessment complement what else you have learned in this module (from the readings, Case, Discussion)?

For some insight into Question 2 above, see

Ang, S., Van Dyne, L., Koh, C. K. S., Ng, K. Y., Templer, K. J., Tay, C., & Chandrasekar, N. A. (2007). Cultural intelligence: Its measurement and effects on cultural judgment and decision making, cultural adaptation, and task performance. Management and Organization Review, 3: 335–371.


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