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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/30/2016 05:30 am

Students will completely fulfill the requirements of activity #3 "Develop a complete sales presentation..." which can be found in the "Further Exploring the Sales World" section of Chapter 12 on pages 381-382 of your textbook.  Be sure to fully read the activity directions as well as reviewing "Exhibit A" on page 382.  This is an individual project.  Submit via Blackboard, not via email to me.

Again, carefully read and closely follow the directions as stated in your textbook.  I will not accept late submissions.  Any late work will not be graded.  You have several months to complete the assignment.   I am happy to review your work before you submit it.  I will only review your draft work and comment if it is sent to me via email at least 10 days before the due date.   You may create a long form script with visual aides in the document.  You may also create a PowerPoint presentation with the script in the Notes section OR create audio inside the presentation.  Content dialogue/script must be original.  Visual aides may be from research (not original, but sourced/documented).  Visual aides may be original if you want.  Sales product or service may be existing, in production, or an idea/concept you have.

Lastly, remember that is a creative project.  This project is where you showcase your knowledge of the course material and turn it into usable tools/solutions.  Include a title page/slide and reference page/slide.  I don't want to give any further directions because I want to see you take creative liberty. Best of luck to you!


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