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i have a cause and effect essay that has to be 1250 words long i already wrote the introduction and it has to be a cause essay and for the topic i picked which is driving law in kuwait and in kuwait it is legal to drive with a driving licsence only at the age of 18 but the youth of kuwait are breaking these laws because of 

1. Breaking the law because of no authority

2. having advantages 

3. because of the parents agreement and them not caring 

i will put the introduction down please i need it by the due date, it does not need any sources or citations. feel free to change the introduction


A Person in Kuwait is allowed to drive legally at the age of 18 and above. To my own opinion I think that driving should be allowed for people at the age of 16. People usually in Kuwait tend to break the laws and drive when they are under the age of 18. The government should think about implementing laws that don’t give the people of Kuwait the urge to break the law. Since most of the people in Kuwait are breaking the rule of 18 and above, the government should think about the peoples safety. People in Kuwait usually break the driving law because of family reasons, where the family does not hire a driver so the son or daughter drives to fulfil the family’s needs. Also because the father allows the son to drive at that age, and also because the people or the family sometimes have a unfair advantage over the law. The law of driving in Kuwait should be changed because of breaking the laws, having an unfair advantage on the law, and the father’s agreement.




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