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Green Conventions

Northern Carnaval Resort is a four-star hotel that gains much of its business from conventions and meetings. In recent years, it has lost revenue in nearly all areas. In particular, for each of the past two years, the Northern Carnaval has lost between 5 and 10 percent in revenues for conferences. Thus, Hana Maarten, the hotel’s general manager, wonders if they need to reevaluate their strategy on meetings. She is concerned about the drop in business and wants good research to understand how to move forward.

In particular, Hana wants to gather information about eco-friendly or green meetings, conventions which are conducted in ways that minimize environmental impact. Green event planners apply environmentally preferred practices to waste management, resource and energy use, travel and local transportation, facilities selection, siting and construction, food provision and disposal, hotels and accommodations, and management and purchasing decisions. The practice is known as “event greening” or “sustainable event management.”

Traditionally, Northern Carnaval Resort has not focused on green meetings. However, in the past year, Hana has noticed that meeting planners and other guests frequently inquire about green meetings and the resort’s sustainability practices. She wants to know if Northern Carnaval Resort should invest more resources in such options. In other words, she needs to determine if “green meetings” is a viable (i.e. profitable) business model or just another passing fad? Will it be worth the investment? How can the hotel management sort through the hype and find real answers? They need help, so Hana has hired your team to shed some light on their dilemma.*




I am a member of a team project that consists of 3 people including me, above is the case that we are going to talk about and we have decided as a work team to break the report into three main parts as following: 


First part, what is green event planning in more details?

Second part, how to implement the changes to move forwards more green events?

Third part, is it worth it for Northern Carnaval Resort to switch to green events or not?


My task is to write 2 single spaced pages about the seond part which is how to implement the changes to move forwards more green events? as well as 3 power point slides with speach.


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