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Sociology Class

In these essays, reflections should include both a critical review of the material we have covered, as well as, the student’s assessment of how this material has influenced their understanding of the sociological concepts covered. Each essay should be between 4 and 6 double-spaced, typed pages in length, using a font equivalent to TIMES NEW ROMAN 12 point (no smaller and no larger) with margins of at least 1 inch on all sides. Points will be deducted if these guidelines are not followed.

Book:            Society: The Basics        Seeing Ourselves 


   Chapters 13              “The Mommy Myth” by Susan J. Douglas and                          Meredith W. Michaels Pp.327-332.

                   "Women and Islam" by Jane I. Smith Pp. 351-357


 Chapters 14 “Savage Inequalities” by Jonathan Kozol Pp.                               364-369      

                                      “The Slaughterhouse...” by Eric Schlosser Pp. 379-383.

  Chapters 15           “The Metropolis and Mental Life” by Simmel Pp. 392-397.

 Chapters 16    “Anomy and Modern Life” by Durkheim                         Pp. 418-422


                                             “Global Mass Media” by Todd Gitlin Pp. 430-435


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