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please solve the questions below with high school level of English lungauge and there are the supjucts and tthe qustion and please all the qustions and the summary from Wall street jornal :


Amazon Prods Its Sellers to Free Up Warehouse Space", Stevens, Nov. 4
1. What steps has Amazon management taken to manage its costs and incentivize efficiency in its supply chain?
2. What is surge pricing and how is Amazon using it? What other company does the article mention who is using surge pricing?
 Do you think it makes sense?
"Lighter Inventory Boosts Retailers for Now", Goffried, Nov. 13
3. What are fixed costs for retailers? What category of fixed cost is increasing for retailers such as Macy's?
4. Which retailers does the author identify as having maintained "lighter" inventories as a method of improving performance? What are possible concerns with this strategy for improving performance?
5. Find any current business related article and summarize in 8 sentences or more (cite article info.)


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