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This assignment requires personal information that I will provide once the project is assign and well some imagination to create the other parts. I also will provide the resume.

Career Action Plan :  This assignment has several steps.

 Required formatting:  one-inch margins, typed, double-spaced and with 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. 


1.     Search for a job posting for a position you would like to have after graduation.

2.     Describe why this job would be a good fit for you (use your major/career assessments as a guide).  How would your proposed major help prepare you for this?

3.     Detail the steps required to apply for and obtain this job.

·       Consider how you will research the company or position (what resource will you use), informational interviews (who could you speak with), networking (what events could you attend, groups to join), application material (who could help you, who can review it), interview preparation (how will you prepare, what will you need to know) and finally what would happen if you did not get this position.

4.     Interview an individual in the field.  All interviewees should have 3 or more years’ experience in your field of choice.  Interviews of family members, peers, or friends will not be accepted.  (The individual who works with you will be asked to submit an evaluation regarding your professionalism).  Students will then write a summary of the interview including:

a.     Detailed description of the job and what it involves.

b.     Detailed description of the way this interview affected your knowledge about careers and your own career exploration.

§  What new information, ideas and insights did you gain?

§  Did the interview increase or decrease your interest in the field?
(please elaborate)

§  Does the job match your interests, skills, and abilities? How so?

Questions to consider asking your interviewee: 

·       How did you come to be in your current position?

·       How does your college major help you in your current position?

·       What skills have you gained from your education and your former positions that helped lead you to your current position?


-Résumé and Cover Letter Critique   

1.                             -Students will prepare a 5-7 minute presentation discussing the steps outlined in this assignment.  Professional attire and a visual aid is required (ex. PowerPoint, Prezi, poster, etc.).


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