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Health on Grove Street Project

You are asked to provide a synopsis of how healthy Grove Street, Jersey City is by using the “Health on High Street” report and Richter Scale of Health. The report is to be in five chapters as outlined below, in APA format and in complete sentences/paragraphs. Please use Appendices if needed.

Chapter 1. Introduction

            A. Purpose of project

            B.  Describe Jersey City and Grove Street

            C.  Introduce instrument (Richter scale of health)

Chapter 2.  Results

A. Tally businesses and service agencies and categorize them as the example on page 5 on the “Health on High Street” shows as you feel it would be in J.C. Also include the amount of each business.

Chapter 3. Hazards on Grove Street. (list all the places that are hazards and why are they are hazards)

Chapter 4. Health on Grove Street. (list all the ones that’s healthy and why they are or why not)


Chapter 5. How do we make Grove Street healthier? 


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