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The Fence


As part of the curriculum for this course all students are required to read and complete a paper on The Fence:  A Police Cover-Up Along Boston’s Racial Divide.  This book cover’s many aspects of policing that are incredibly relevant in today’s society.  Students are expected to complete a well written and well thought out paper.  Spelling, punctuation, and grammar will be heavily scrutinized. 


Section 1

Please provide a brief review of the book. (2 pages)


Section 2 (Use of Force)

Please take some time to review the incident at the fence from a Use of Force perspective.  Examine the incident through the lens of Tenn. V. Garner and Graham V. Connor.  Describe factors that would go into your “Totality of the Circumstances” if you were involved in this incident.  Is it possible that this level of force would have or could have been justified had the officers caught the actual perpetrators of the shooting?  Why or why not? (2 pages)


Section 3 (Criminal Procedure)

Please take some time and imagine that you were assigned to a patrol car the night of the incident.  Outline and define what level of justification you would have had in pursuing the shooter’s vehicle (i.e. hunch, reasonable suspicion, probable cause).  Please be specific as to what you believe your level of justification would have been at the outset and how it may have changed according to how the events unfolded. Cite specific factors in the text such as suspect descriptions, vehicle descriptions, types of crimes, consciousness of guilt,  (etc).   (2 pages)


Section 4 (Stress)

Michael Cox undoubtedly suffered severe physical pain as a result of the incident.  However, he also suffered severe mental anguish as well.  Cite examples of stress that Mike Cox endured.  Would this be characterized as a “Critical Incident”.  Could the department have done more to help Mike?  If so, what could have been done.  (2 pages)


Section 5 (Police Culture)

Mike Cox and his partner, Craig James, had a close relationship.  Mike claimed that their closeness was rooted in an “Us vs. Them” mentality. Describe the “Us vs. Them” mentality and relate it to the field of policing.  Cite examples from class discussion and the text.  (1 page)

Consider the following text from The Fence.  “The code had a power Mike (Cox) never imagined.  It even trumped race.  The Blue Wall extended beyond concern for any one individual.  Mike happened to be that individual”.  What does this quote mean to you?  What code does the text refer to? (1 page)


Section 5

Explain what role, if any, race played in the incident at the fence and the follow on incidents that occurred thereafter.  Use examples from the book as well as personal feelings to formulate your answer. (As many pages as needed to complete your answer)




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