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The object of this assignment is to introduce students to risk, as a framework to understand and identify risk, risk behaviors, risk outcomes, and risk mitigation. To complete this assignment student will need to reflect on the week one video, the article, and the provided industry terms. MLA is the required format(citing purposes). The length of the paper should not exceed 4 pages (single sided), 12 font and double spaced. The paper style is in "Bullet Form" for example, What are the Inherent Risks (Complete answer based on the article findings and video).

Students should give every consideration for presentation, proper grammar, all work should be been proof-read before submitting.

Student will use the video as the basis or foundation of the paper topic, the article and industry terms will provide for the content. Students may need to research other resources to understand the required topics and to also strengthen their position and understanding.

Paper Position: As the guides and group begin their journey to the summit of Mount Everest: 

What is the Inherent Risk?

What are the Potential Losses?

Are there Sunken Cost issue?

What can Go Wrong?

How likely is it that something will go wrong considering the risk and the participants?

What are the outcomes and concerns should something go wrong?

What are the Adverse Consequences?

What could be the Degree of Severity?

Your Risk Assessment.

Your Risk Analysis.

What is the Failure Space?


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