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$15-----2 Questions----- Powerpoint format
*I will be adding the questions to my powerpoint already so don't need a format. Word count can be anywhere from 175--250. Enough to cover the material and excel at the task. It is coming from a community health perspective.

*This is a community health class and you will be going to this website:

and answering the questions below:

2.What types of services or programs are offered by the agency? What is the agency’s mission statement?

6.Please explain the impact of this agency’s service or program on the community. Be sure to explain how this agency improves the health of the community it serves.  Numbers are especially helpful in this section (e.g. A 13% decrease in domestic violence reports from 2000 to 2012 or over 6,000 youth served hot meals in Orange County in 2011.)


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