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Susan Barash. (2006). Tripping the Prom Queen.

Read, watch or explore that RESOURCE further.  Research that RESOURCE beyond the recommendation.  Your paper will be an OPINION paper about that RESOURCE, what you found, why you believe it is important, and how it will affect the future of Gender studies. 

Because your research will extend beyond our text, your Reference Page should include at least 3 references beyond the text [4 including the text].  Your paper should be 4-6 pages in length, and written in a scholarly manner [organized with less than 3 grammatical/spelling/editing errors], and in APA format.  The paper length DOES NOT include the Title Page or Reference Page [NO ABSTRACT Page is Required].  Papers with more than 3 grammatical/spelling/editing/APA errors will not receive a grade higher than 80/100 [B-].  

A well organized paper includes 1) an Introduction that clearly states the purpose and main points of the paper; 2) The body of the paper includes clear paragraphs of organized information and 3) the conclusion includes a general summary of the information in the paper as well as your overall opinions and suggestions for further development/research.

3.5 pages of writing does NOT equal 4 pages of writing.  


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