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Due By (Pacific Time) 12/01/2016 12:00 pm

In this discussion you will make a total of three posts, one initial post and two reply posts. Initial posts should be 200-250 words. Reply posts should be 100-150 words. Points will be deducted for not meeting the minimum word count requirements. 

Note: You must make an initial post before you can see what others have posted.

Your initial post should be posted by 11:59pm on Thursday, 1 December 2016 in order to give people time to respond. The completed  assignment, including your two response posts, is due by 11:59pm on Sunday, 4 December 2016. Discussion posts MUST be submitted by the deadline or you will receive a zero for the assignment. Discussion posts CANNOT be made up. 

In your initial post, please discuss the following:

1) Is the war on terrorism "winnable?" Why or why not? 

2) What is the best way to fight terrorism?



This is my homework

First I want you to do the Initial post.

After that I can enter and see other students posts, and I will send you two posts so you could responed


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