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Geography 2144A: Fall 2016

Assigned Text Essay: November 28 – December 9, 2016

10% of final course grade




Answer ONE question only.  Both questions are weighted the same and count as 10% of the final course grade.  


All answers:

  • must be submitted to the Gateways to Discovery site using the internal messages feature
  • must use your own Gateways account
  • must be submitted as a Word or PDF attachment


Using the internal messages feature of the text, submit your answer to the “AAA Assigned Text Essay” account

  • Open Internal Messages
  • Select Create Message
  • Select “AAA Assigned Text Essay” as your recipient
    • Be sure to send the submission to the correct account (do not send it to your own account!)
  • In the subject line enter only your:
    • Family (last) name
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    • E.g. Smith 007007
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    • MUST BE in either WORD or PDF file format
  • Use the “send” button to submit
  • Verify the message was sent correctly by checking the sent folder on the internal messages menu 


Due Date: submit prior to 11:00am Friday December 9, 2016





Using the Gateways to Discovery text as your resource, write an essay of approx. 2500 words for ONE of the following:



  1. Compare and contrast tourism for two European gateways from the following list:
    • Paris
    • Rome
    • Madrid
    • Athens
    • Zurich

For you, which one is more likely to remain a tourism space and which is more likely to become a tourist place? Why and how?

  1. Discuss tourism space and tourist place for one of the following pairs of gateways:
    • Buenos Aires or Rio De Janeiro? Why?
    • Cancun or Miami? Which?
    • Nairobi or Auckland? Why?
    • Singapore or Kuala Lumpur? Which?



  • This is an Assigned Text Essay:

  • It is expected that your primary resource is the course text, Gateways to Discovery
    • You are applying your understanding of the information in the text, not researching new data
    • Information derived from the text does not need to be sourced nor cited in your essay
  • There is no opportunity for review by the Professor or TAs prior to submission


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