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 Post ALL FIVE of your source defenses (300 word minimum each). Follow the instructions very carefully.   The defenses count for a large portion of your portfolio grade.  


A "source defense" is a 300-500 word essay that describes and defends an expert source the quality of the source you are recommending.  Follow this format:




  1. Begin with the full MLA citation as a header.  A correct MLA citation provides lots of information about what a source is.
  2. Write two paragraphs.  In the first paragraph, explain why a skeptical reader can trust the source.  Discuss the expertise of the author and the reliability of the publication in which you found the author's words.
  3. In the second paragraph, summarize the most important ideas in the source, and connect those ideas to the research question you asked.


That's it!  This is the most important element in this anthology assignment, so make sure that each one of your source defenses covers everything listed above.







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