Project #157601 - What are the components of forensic science?

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What are the components of forensic science?                       





Do   not use Wikipedia

Please do   not use Wikipedia as an outside resource for college-level research   papers. While Wikipedia is a wonderful example of collaborative writing, its   more than 75,000 contributors are held accountable to no formal peer review.   This disqualifies the site as an authoritative source for scholarship.


Reference materials such as   encyclopedias generally are inappropriate for college-level research;   exceptions include single-subject encyclopedias, like the Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature,   which are useful sources of specialized factual information.


You can begin your research   projects with UoP's library tools, such as ProQuest. At ProQuest, students   not only can locate resources but also download abstracts and full-text   articles. ProQuest will even create APA citations of articles.



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