Project #157625 - Behavioral economics

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Due By (Pacific Time) 11/06/2016 06:00 am

The objective of the paper is to study a behavioral anomaly and its implications. I will give a list of around 10 research questions (verbally defined) together with 2-3 reference papers for you to start thinking on the topic, by the end of September. You are expected to think around the problem after reading these papers and at least 2-3 others you find out yourself. You will first summarize all these papers you have read (say 5-6 papers) briefly in 4 pages and then develop your thoughts, model(s), equations (if necessary) and results in another 3-4 pages.



Evaluation of papers will be with respect to these criteria: 1) Your command of literature (those 4-5 papers you have read carefully and analyzed),

2) On your original path of thinking and how far you can proceed on that line of thought,

3) Ultimately on your results and its implications on behavior,

4) Whether it is consistent with common sense and preferably with a set of related data (that you may cite from yet other empirical work).  


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