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I need couple of paragraphs for each discussions. Please add references if needed. NO COVER PAGE!

1. If, as commentators have noted, the Internet will be the battlefield of any cyberwar, should the Internet be regulated? Does your answer differ when considering different aspects of the web, for example, the open-web versus the dark-web?

2. Previously, we touched upon the topic of Risk Management as it relates to critical infrastructure, particularly cyber networks. Here, we look at risk management as it relates to people, particularly terrorists and victims. How or why people become terrorists and how victims perceive or react to the threat posed by terrorists become seminal areas of study for policymakers. As we studied, the risk of a terrorist attack can be quantified as the sum of Threat multiplied by Probability. How threat and probability are assessed is open to debate so even this purportedly objective definition is, to a large extent, subjective. The quantification of risk as it relates to psychological impact seems to have too many dimensions for an accurate assessment to be made. Are the social psychological aspects of Risk Management important? What’s more important: Assessing who becomes a terrorist or how to control victims’ perceptions of risk?


3.Effective managers and high-performing organizations hold a common stake: how to take advantage of emerging trends in their environments—demographics,  automation/robotics, expanded use of technology, pace of work, determining appropriate work balance, an issue of great interest to millennial as a workforce—plus staying aware of the earth’s sustainability.  What trend seems more critical to you?  Why?  How would you propose using that trend/explain its application to your boss?


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