Project #157722 - Economics Research Paper On Vehicle Sales

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Because motor vehicle sales are a large part of consumer spending in the United States, the motor vehicle sales data can provide important information on consumer-spending trends and on the overall direction of the economy.

Research Paper (6-8 pages) needs:

  • Rearch question
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Data Description
  • Methodology and Empirical Results
  • Conclusion
  • References

The Abstract includes a brief synopsis of your paper. This section should be on the same page of the title. The Introduction is used to explain the background of your paper, why it is important, and to explain in further detail what your paper is going to show. Data Description includes a detailed description of the data, including source and frequency. The Empirical Methods section is used to explain the empirical methods used in your analysis. This section needs to be precise so anyone reading your paper should be able to obtain the same data, follow your methods, and replicate your results exactly. The Conclusion needs to clearly state your results and concluding remarks.


I have included data that I will be working with, BUT YOU DO NOT NEED IT TO COMPLETE MY PAPER. I will be using STATA to run regressions and stuff so hopefully the paper you write for me will match with the data I will use lol. If you are curious, I got the data here:


out of 1971 reviews

out of 766 reviews

out of 1164 reviews

out of 721 reviews

out of 1600 reviews

out of 770 reviews

out of 766 reviews

out of 680 reviews