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2 Philosophy Extra credit Assignments sheet (Attachment name: PHILOSOPHERS DINER and EXAM B EXTRA CREDIT)


1 Philosophy Homework Assignment from Textbook: Reasoning Warm Up Exercise Week #7:

Translate the following argument into symbolic notation using the statement values given and your knowledge of logical connectives from Chapter 8. Once you have translated the argument, provide a proof to show that the conclusion validly follows from the premises, using only the nine argument forms from Chapter 9 that are summarized on page 343.


If either Steven or Tracy are batters, then both William and Xena are pitchers. Steven is a batter. Therefore William is a pitcher. (S-Steven is a batter; T--Tracy is a batter; W--William is a pitcher; X--Xena is a pitcher.)


1 Business Cover letter (guidelines attachment name: WEEK 13 COVER LETTER) Write a cover letter for a job you are interested in. Attach the job announcement/requirements to your cover letter. Please refer to the lecture slides and cover letter examples for suggestions and proper formatting of your cover letter.


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