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Assessment task 2: Workshop assessment — Police procedures essay


Due date:         Week 6, Friday by 11:59pm

Length:            1200 words (you are allowed +/- 10%)

Weighting:       25%


This is an essay question.

1.       Choose ONE (1) global topic introduced in Week 1 (lecture, required and recommended readings):

§    human rights policing

§    intelligence-led policing

§    economics of policing

2.       Review learning resources from Weeks 1–4 with your chosen topic in mind, including:

§    lecture slides/notes

§    required and recommended readings

§    wider academic reading material (optional)

3.       Identify the critical factors and important issues relating to your chosen topic in these learning resources, such as:

§    Why are policing services concerned with human rights, intelligence-led practices or the costs of policing?

§    What does the research (required and recommended readings) say about human rights, intelligence-led practices or the costs of policing?

4.       Choose an Australian policing service other than the NSW Police Force

§    Australian Federal Police

-  and/or ACT Police (as a business unit of the Australian Federal Police)

§    Victoria Police

§    Queensland Police Service

§    Tasmania Police

§    South Australia Police

§    Western Australia Police

§    Northern Territory Police Force

5.       Visit the website of your chosen police service, and review the organisational materials relating to your chosen topic. You will need to download and review materials (where available) such as, but not limited to:

§    Annual Reports

§    Mission statements

§    Business/Operational Plans

§    Management Plans

         You may also want to visit the following website pages (if available), and search on the basis of your chosen topic:

§    media

§    research, policies, publications

6.       As you review the materials from your chosen policing service, take notes on how they consider the issues of human rights policing, intelligence-led practices or the costs of policing, for example:

§    Is the global issue considered in important organisational documents such as mission statements, business or operational plans, or reviews of policy/practice?

§    How are they presented?

§    Are they tied to outcomes or policies and practices?

§    Has the service committed resources to the issue?

7.       Compare your first list from step 3 with the points raised in step 6

§    What are the key differences between what the research says policing services should be considering, and what policing services say they are doing?

§    In what ways do human rights policing, intelligence-led practices or the costs of policing shape how your chosen police service operates (what they do, and how they do it)?

§    Does your chosen policing service prioritise the issue of human rights, intelligence-led practices or the costs of policing? In what ways?

8.             Begin writing your review essay as follows:

§    Introduce your work, including:

-  an overview of your approach to the topic, and identifying what global topic and what policing service you have chosen

-  an outline of the key issues relating to your chosen topic, and

-  the resources you will use to defend your review of your chosen police service (ie organisational documents such as …).

§    Provide a critical discussion of the research relating to your topic (see your notes from step 3).

§    Provide an outline of the approach taken by your policing service to the global issues (see notes from step 6).

§    Provide a critical discussion of the differences and similarities between research material and organisational documents (see notes from step 7).

§    Conclude your work with a summary of the key points identified in your essay, with particular reference to your findings from step 7.



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