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This is a group project

I’ll a attached a brief description about what is the topic and what we will discuss.

My part is (Recommendations): it includes the marketing strategy which customer segments should be targeted how should this offering be positioned?


I’m responsible for the recommendations portion. This includes finding current marketing strategies associated with our topic and proposing new tactics that should be adopted. One example would be a bigger emphasis on social media as a channel of distribution to better communicate with the right audience. By examining which design products are fashionable and non-fashionable in NYFW, there are a few recommendations that will help better communicate its message to its audience. Another example is that unique items we see during NYFW can be used as inspirational pieces or culturally defined. Although some of these items have no intelligible or fashionable meaning to the majority, celebrities help contribute to keeping these fashion trends very much alive. Sometimes culturally inspired pieces can teach the audience a thing or two.

- One of the site that it may help


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* can include picture


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