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Deadline is Sunday December 4, 2016. By 8pm.  Must be in APA format and cited correctly. 4-6 pages. 


complete the ethics and diversity section of your project. In this paper, you will examine the role of ethics and the implications of diversity in the scenario you have chosen. You are acting as the assistant to a forensic psychologist in this case, and you will assess your role relative to the potential ethical implications or ramifications in the scenario. You will use the Ethical Principles for Psychologists and Code of Conduct to substantiate your claims. You will also assess the potential risks associated with the scenario, or potential personal biases that would impact a forensic psychologist’s ability to be objective and fair. What is your recommended course of action regarding the identified risks?


Once you have discussed ethics, you will discuss the implications of diversity on the scenario you have chosen. Discuss the implications of diversity, race, or gender on the delivery of services in this scenario. What are drawbacks of not being culturally competent or culturally aware? How would you address these issues? How would you ensure integrity and the high standard of professionalism? What steps are needed to ensure the best practices in addressing cultural competency are considered when providing services to clients of varying cultures and backgrounds?


The case is a king  Solomon’s Solution? (Child Custody Evaluation) 

Kim and Halle met at a “Parents Without Partners” picnic. Halle, of Native American descent, was two years past a divorce and had her three children, all girls under seven years old, for the weekend. A friend suggested that she attend the picnic so that the children might have some friends to play with, while Halle interacted with other adults. 

Kim, who is African American, had a four-year-old son and was never married. She was dating a man and had an unplanned pregnancy. She did not want to marry the father and decided to raise the child on her own. The father of the boy has not been involved in his life. 

Halle and Kim hit it off at the picnic and had a commitment ceremony 18 months after meeting. Both Halle and Kim love children and decided to have more of their own through in vitro fertilization. Kim made the decision to raise the children and gave up her career as a pharmacist, while Halle, who owns a consulting business, could easily support the family. Halle and Kim have two additional children within the first five years of marriage. Halle continues to have weekend custody/visitation with her three children from her previous marriage, while they spend one month during the summer with the new family. 

However, after seven years of marriage, Halle decides she wants a divorce and wishes to remarry her first wife. Kim is taken totally by surprise and learns that Halle has been having an affair with her ex-partner throughout the past three years of their marriage. Halle wants to have full custody of the two children she had with Kim, along with Kim’s first son, who developed a strong attachment to Halle and thinks of Halle as his biological mother. Halle and her first partner file for full custody of all the children and threaten a long, drawn-out court battle. Kim countersues for shared custody of Halle’s three girls, since she and the girls have established a family bond. 

Note: The children involved in this case include Halle’s three girls from her previous marriage, Kim’s first son from her relationship, and Halle and Kim’s two children. 


The court appoints a forensic psychologist to conduct a child custody evaluation and make child custody recommendations to the court, and you are hired by the forensic psychologist to assist him on this case. 





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