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Research Paper

Your culminating project in this class will be a research paper about an addiction of your choice. You will be asked to write the paper from a specific point of view. Be as specific as you can in your choice of addiction and point of view, as those choices will guide your research and writing.

You may choose one of the following viewpoints:

  • The addict
  • The social worker
  • The parent
  • The child
  • The significant other
  • The friend

The Final Research Paper is due in Week 11. You should present the research you have found in a cohesive 3-5 page paper, focusing on the point of view you have chosen from the list above. For example, if I choose to write about gambling addiction and I am writing from the perspective of the social worker, my paper could focus on strategies that a social worker might use to assess, treat, and follow-up with a client who has a gambling addiction.

Research Paper Rubric








Summary of addiction

40 points

  • Easily understood summary
  • Showed true insight & thought. 
  • Important points clarified
  • Clear Application to material in course
  • No serious grammatical or spelling errors.

33-40 points

Most information provided. 





24-32 points


Some information provided.

Missing vital information.



12-23 points

Minimal effort

Topic only skimmed

Little evidence of reading/comprehending


1-11 points

No summary

0 points


Application to your life and learning

20 points 

  • Applying it to your own learning/life/careers
  • Numerous examples
  • Insightful application ideas for future
  • Exciting future prospects

18-20 points

Most areas linked to life.  Coursework so far partially included

Some ideas for future use


14-17 points


Some application for some chapters



6-13 points

Minimal application to life



1-5 points

No application

0 points


Viewpoint understanding

20 points

  • Clear viewpoint expressed
  • Full understanding of the concerns of the viewpoint chosen
  • 20-25 points

Met most criteria

Maintained viewpoint for majority of work

14-19 points

Some involvement

Missing for a large portion of paper.

Little understanding

6-13 points

Minimal effort

1-5 points

No viewpoint


0 points



Incorporation of  resources/links

15 points

  • Introduced innovative ideas
  • Additional resources/presentation
  • e.g. websites, videos, further reading
  • References included
  • References cited

9-10 points

Most information provided

Missing 1 or more components

3-4 references


7-8 points

Discussion included, but not well supported or explained. 2 or fewer references


5-6 points

Minimal effort 1-2 components

1-4 points

No resources

0 points



5 points

  • Obvious effort shown
  • Cohesive presentation
  • Easy to read and understand
  • No serious grammatical or spelling errors.

5 points

Good presentation

Some errors

Some inconsistency


4 points

Some effort made


2-3 points

Minimal effort


1 point

No presentation

0 points


Note: Points will be deducted for spelling/grammar errors.   Please take the time to run a spell-check and read over your work for words that spell-check did not catch.   It shows effort and is a skill you should make a habit.

NOTE: Please read plagiarism guidelines carefully!  Failure to read them will not excuse you from the act, you will receive a zero!


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