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Psalm 139 is about God’s detailed and devoted love for each of us. He is deeply engaged in pursuing us, seeking our companionship. The basis of self-esteem is that each of us is deeply beloved of God. We are his treasure and joy. That’s why we each are valuable. That’s why we can have self-esteem.




God’s Omniscience—God knows me fully.  All of us want someone to know us completely but love us anyway. God does. The first set of selected verses describes God’s loving knowledge of each of us. Notice that it is personal—“you know ME.” God knows what we do in the activities of our day (when we sit and rise up, when we lie down). He knows what we think inwardly and what we speak audibly. He knows us better than we know ourselves. We are his special treasure.




God’s Omnipresence—God is everywhere with me.  God is our constant companion. The writer of this song as rhetorically: “Where can I go where you are not?”  The answer is NOWHERE. God is present at the highest height and the lowest depth. He is with us at earliest conscious hour of our day and at the farthest distance from home one can imagine. He is holding my hand and guiding me wherever I go. I cannot escape him (if I wished) and he will never leave me under any circumstances. I am his special treasure.




God’s Omnipotence---God is all-powerful in my behalf. Verses 13 and 14 speak of God forming us in our mother’s womb. What attention to detail! All God’s works in creation are wonderful expressions of his personal power. In particular, you are a masterpiece created by God. You are his special treasure.




God wants me to respond to his love with openness and submission. How can we respond to God’s love and devotion? Verses 23-24 express the song writer’s invitation to God. “Since you love me enough to know me, companion me, create and sustain me, I invite you into the most personal parts of my life.” Of course, God already knows us, but he wants us to trustfully and joyfully invite him into relationship. Then, a step further, he seeks our permission to point out any sin and to guide us in the way of eternal companionship with him. How much he loves us!






Q1 How would you respond to a person who thinks God loves people generally, but not her/him in particular?



Q2:  What is one way God shows his love to you most personally?


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