Project #157831 - Macroeconomics (750 words): China vs New Zealand Unemployment (2012-2016)

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Compare China and New Zaeland Unemployment from 2012 to 2016

Make a comparative analysis of the economic performance of Country 1 and Country 2 from 2012 to 2016 in terms of unemployment.  Fully discuss the role of economic policies and other reasons why their performance varied or were similar to each other.  

Note: You are required to use Reuters for data collection, where available.


Students will here be assessed on their understanding of the main macroeconomic indicators of a country.  On successful completion of this assignment, students should be able to:


  • discuss the performance of an economy in terms of unemployment.  
  • analyse the fluctuations in these macroeconomic objectives both over time and across countries.
  • assess what domestic or foreign factors that caused those fluctuations
  • develop their research skills including collection of data and information using Reuters, report writing skills and time-management skills as good planning and organisation will be required to complete this assignment successfully.


·      The assignment should be in font size 12, single-spaced format and pages must be numbered.

·      On the cover page, you must include your names, module title and title of assignment and a word count.

·      This assignment should be your own work.  Plagiarism will be dealt with severely, in accordance with university guidelines.  

·      It is essential to cite references in footnotes where necessary as well as provide a bibliography at the end of the assignment.  These references will not be included in the word count.

·      Late submission incurs a penalty.  Coursework that is submitted up to and including 3 working days after the deadline will be marked and capped at 40% if it is of a ‘pass’ standard, unless the student has approved extenuating circumstances for late submission.  Coursework submitted after the third working day of the deadline will not be accepted and will receive a mark of 0.

Describe and analyse data in a chronological order – year by year from 2012 to now.  Refer to specific data values.
Make a comparative analysis throughout the assignment (in each section).


Discuss the role of policies within each section.  Give specific details on policies and explain the effect they had on the indicator being discussed.
Discuss the role of the expenditure components (C,I,G, X, M) to explain changes in growth rates.  Support with data..


Include an introduction and conclusion.


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